Hello guys, thank you for the comments on the vasectomy issue really loved it...loll very funny and inspiring if you know what I mean.

I haven't been as frequent as I should, do forgive me I will try and be a better teacher/writer/posteur/anything...loll...

Anyways today I thought to myself this issue about marriage is a "big thing oh". I hear different stories everyday and I am baffled.. Sometimes I don't believe it...They say that trivial things cost the downfall of a marriage how true can this be?

A little girl told her mummy not to come pick her from school with her car. When asked why? She said: " mummy your car doesn't have AC ( air-conditioning) and daddy's car has, so I want to go home with daddy's car....

hmmmm I got thinking: "as couples should one car be designated to mummy and daddy. Or should all the cars be used by either daddy or mummy when they feel like?
Must the Jeep ( as Nigerians will call it) be used only by the daddies and the small Datsun be used by the mummies?

Should the daddies enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned car in this hot weather while the mummy sweats it out with the unconditioned car (LOL).

My question to this: "what do you think?

Me I believe that everything should be the "couples". No one has ownership of anything be it cars, household utensils etc..

But sometimes we don't always get what we want, do we?