Edo girls as sex slaves in Italy

I've always known about Edo girls traveling to Italy for prostitution, mainly because i grew up in Benin-City. I have never given much thought into it because i guess it doesn't directly affect me and i was unaware of how many of them were trapped into becoming sex slaves. I kinda, sorta knew but not really because i never paid attention.

I saw this today and i have been disturbed ever since. I guess it's one more thing for me to add to my list of concerns and work towards spreading awareness and hopefully getting people concerned enough to do something about it.

Check this out also. I'm sad.

Believe it or not, i never knew until last December when i was reading some comments on naijapals (or something) that Edo girls are stereotyped as been promiscuous. Wow! It's really sad. All this is because of poverty and lack of opportunity really. Lucky Igbinedion who God will punish forever and ever, just spent 8 years plundering the state. Stole all our money and didn't do a single thing but become more ugly and grow a bigger pot belly. I hate Nigerian politicians, i swear. They are greedy and selfish and don't give a damn about their people.

Shey they said change is coming? Well, i will remain a skeptic until i start to see the changes. All we have so far as the same old recycled fools as leaders or boys who are puppets. Goodluck, Goodluck....someone tell me what Goodluck has done so far? I don't know, so please enlighten me.

There is no accountability for anything. These so called politicians just do and undo and there are no consequences. Nigeria makes me sad and sick at the same time. They won't let good people who are actually interested in change be elected or people are too scared of assassination to even go into politics.

I'm just annoyed right now.