Remo's Cafe

Remo's Cafe is located at Pres Quirino Street across Sarrossa Hotel. Although at first glance you'll realize that there isn't anything extra ordinary about the place. The glass facade is full of printed text of their dishes and the interior isn't designed for great ambiance. From the outside the place looks a little bare since they have quite a huge area.

The service there was quite good. Even though the place wasn't full when I decided to dine there, I was entertained by the waiters upon entering the restaurant. The food was served quickly and the waiters were very accommodating.

Remo's Fried Rice - P 95

Most of the dishes they offered are very familiar and can be found on most filipino restaurants here in Cebu. They are reasonably priced but some of their dishes they served lacked presentation but they make up for it on the portion sizes of their dishes. The flavors of the dishes aren't extraordinary but I have to admit I enjoyed their Bulalo Steak.

Bulalo Steak - P 160.00

Chicken Finger with Honey Mustard - P 105.00

The Chicken Fingers tasted alright and their Fish Fillet was similar to those found on Chinese restaurants such as Big Mao or Flavors of China.

Fish Fillet with Garlic Overload - P 155.00

Overall I would have to say that the food was good. The price was affordable and serving sizes were more than enough. The service was excellent but the ambiance of the place wasn't great. Dining here would be an option if your fed up with the restaurants found at the mall or if you prefer places that aren't very crowded. If your only interested on their food then it is definitely worth the price.