Woman Kills Pregnant Friend and Cuts Her Baby Out of Her

A woman charged with killing her pregnant friend and cutting the baby out of her body used a stun gun to immobilize her victim, an investigator on the case testified Tuesday.

Kathy Michelle Coy, 33, led expectant mother Jamie Stice, 21, into a wooded area off of a Kentucky freeway before brutally murdering her, Detective Chad Winn told the Warren County District Court during a preliminary hearing.

"She advised that she stunned her, her throat was slit, her wrists were slit, she was disemboweled," Winn testified, according to The Associated Press. "The baby was obviously cut out of her."

Shortly after committing the horrific crime, Coy drove to a friend's home with the infant claiming to have just given birth, Winn said. The friend, who immediately called an ambulance, told police that Coy was sitting on the placenta in her car without wearing any pants.

Once at the hospital, Coy produced the appalling evidence of her crime: a uterus, ovaries and placenta with umbilical accord still attached, Winn testified. Fearing the worst, the hospital called the police.

"There may have been a small chance that someone was still alive, but not likely," Winn said, according to the AP.

After abandoning the story that the child was hers, Coy tried to tell police she paid a stranger $550 for the boy.

In a search of Coy's home, police found a connection between her Facebook page and the profiles of two pregnant women - one of whom was Jamie Stice.

"I then asked Ms. Coy if that baby was Jamie Stice's," Winn said, according to the AP. "She answered 'I don't know.' I was alarmed by this."

Coy later told investigators exactly where to find Stice's remains, Winn said.

The shocking crime may have been in the works for months. Coy asked her daughter, 13, and her son, 14, to help her with the scheme, Winn testified, but neither would go along with it. A friend of Stice told reporters Coy, who claims to have had a miscarriage, pretended she was pregnant months before the crime and even stole a sonogram picture as proof.

The baby's father has said the child, named Isaiah, is in good condition. The case is now headed to the grand jury.