Zen Magazine April 2011

Cover Story: 
Michael Adeyeye is a 20 year old British born Nigerian. He is a young entrepreneur, a creative genius, very gifted and is talented in so many ways that we just had to have such an incredible raw African talent on our April "African Sports Edition" cover. He has a strong passion for photography, street dance, sports and other activities and he is also a student studying Economics in England. Other stories on the cover include The Harare International Festival of Arts, African Soccer Qualifiers, Award Winning Broadway show "FELA in Lagos, Editorial Piece on Fashion Models Africa & Interview with the TV host of the Titi Gray Show Dzifa Gray.
Photography by Bernard Miller
Cover Designed by Michael Adeyeye

At Zen we cherish creativity in all forms! It doesn't matter what type of creative genius you are, we always love to share it because creativity is an art that needs to be shared.
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