10 Dove Street

10 Dove Street is located inside Sto. Nino Village. The name of the store is its address inside the subdivision. My first impression of the place was that it was an expensive exclusive restaurant. Although the place is quite small, it has a unique ambiance to it.

Crab and Corn Bisque

French Onion Soup

One perk to the place is definitely its ambiance. Another thing that makes it a great place to visit is the affordable price. Instead of paying for each dish you order you only have to pay P199 pesos for a full course meal.
Harvest Apple

This includes a single serving of soup, salad, main course and a slice of cake of your choice. They have a broad choice of soup, salad and main course. I've been there a couple of times and every time I have always gone home with a full belly.

House Specialties

Sausage and Slaw

Chicken Parmesan
In my first visit there, I really thought that the full course meal they served wasn't enough. I thought that their serving size were small, it was when they started serving the soup and salad that I began to realize that I underestimated their serving size.
Cake of the day
In the times that I dined their I always see to it that I try a different set of meal. Each time I tried a different course I always ended up full and satisfied. All of the dishes I've ordered are tasty. Although some of the dishes lack presentation, but for the price you pay they certainly give you more than your moneys worth.

If your looking for an affordable place with great ambiance I would definitely recommend 10 Dove Street. If you decide to visit this place, just tell the guard in front that you are going to dine at dove street. They will just ask for an id or license. Hope you'll enjoy dining there. I have been dining there a lot and I am definitely going back there. The only downside I can tell you about this place is that they are not open during Sundays.