The Old Cul-de-sac

Lately I have been searching for secluded restaurants to add here in my blog. I have already compiled a handful of restaurants to dine and this has been in my list for quite some time. Although I only knew of the place I just recently learned of the name of the place from my friend who asked of the location of this restaurant. It is located inside Sto Nino Village at Maya street, the first right corner once you enter the village.

When I first stopped by this restaurant I was a bit hesitant since most of the cars parked outside were luxury cars. After seeing those expensive cars I immediately made a conclusion that the place must be expensive and decided to eat at a different place.

After a couple of weeks me and my office mates decided to dine at a new restaurant and it just so happened that cafe Cul-de-sac is just a stone throw away from our office. Before I suggested we take our lunch there I did a little research about the place and the prices of their dishes. I was surprised that a lot of the reviews and comments about the place were positive and affordable. So we agreed to go there.

Once we arrived at the Cul-de-sac I noticed that the ambiance was different from when I first visited it during the evening. Maybe it had to do with the parked cars or the lighting but the place seemed to look expensive during the evening. I was surprised that the place was empty when we entered the place. The waiter was very accommodating and provided as with the menu.

There a few choices on their menu, they had salads, soup, seafood, meat, vegetable, pasta, filipino dishes and dessert. Their meat dishes are already served with soup and ice cream for dessert. We ordered Pumpkin soup and Mushroom soup for our appetizers and the Chicken curry and The Pork chop in Mushroom for our main course.

Pumpkin Soup

Mushroom Soup

Pork chop in Mushroom

Chicken Curry

Ice Cream
Serving sizes for the soup was a bit small, the bowl was only half filled. They did make up for the small serving size on the soup with a large serving of their main course. I ordered the chicken curry and I think their was nothing special about it. The pork chop in mushroom on the other hand looked very appetizing. I think I'll order that dish on my next visit. The dishes were presentable but their wasn't anything special done with it to make it more pleasing to look at. 

One thing I really admire about the place is its ambiance. I think the place will look better in the evening and it is a perfect place to have a nice quite dinner. The service is also great and the prices are very reasonable. I definitely recommend you try this restaurant.