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Giagerry came up with her fun idea on her blog. We, the people of "blogsville" are going to write a story together. Everyone, bloggers and non bloggers alike can participate. Here are the rules....


  • Humor is very welcome but please keep it PG 13 :)
  • You can take it to your various blogs, but I would also love to have it up on mine whenever it is been updated.
  • As opposed to emailing your lines, madame sting and Bola came up with the idea of dropping your lines as comments so the next person can easily know where it ends and pick it up from there.
  • I intend to have your names/id next to your lines added(just as I have done with mine) but feel free to use the open id option and use "anonymous" if you want to be kept anonymous too.
  • Also while dropping your lines, read it carefully, edit it well so I wont have to work on your added lines, so it is strictly yours.(Let it make sense abeg). Feel free to use new paragraphs or spaces, or let me know if you would like me to add them to your lines.
  • Well that's it for now, I'd keep the rules updated on every post and PLEASE send me more ideas of format if you have any!! Such as what to call it as in chapters, titles etc.
  • I know I called it "story by blogsville", but please and pretty please it is not limited to blogsville. Everyone is invited to join, in fact i would be glad if non bloggers joined too! :) 
 Here's the story so far
She had come from a very dramatic and confusing past of "love", she had signed off from relationships because she had come to the conclusion that it was unnecessary to go through things like that at the ages between 18 and 20. She called it love, and soon after she called it plain drama. Danielle was in her final year and so far it had been going great, she had recommitted her life again to Christ, had managed to forget put behind all the issues she had gone through in the last 3years. All she looked forward to was getting done her undergraduate degree and getting the out of the UK. She was fed up, it reminded her so much of her past.(Giagerry)
She needed a new environment where she would meet new people and  probably find someone that would be the direct opposite of her ex. Also she needed to focus on her christian life.(Bola)

This HOT  Sunday afternoon after church, a christian brother runs to her screaming "sister Danielle Danielle" I saw you in my dream last night, I saw a revelation to marry you. That was the biggest joke of the century! Brother Samuel says this to every one ...everyone, every good looking girl! Did I mention that she's beautiful and full of life??(Abi) Danielle waited for brother Samuel to finish up his fairly common "dream speech" and then politely disengaged herself from the conversation with a smile and thanked Brother Sam for his revelation. As Danielle got to her car, she called Lucas, her best friend and spilled the latest gist.  Lucas' silence said it all, Danielle took this silence as a hint to confirm what her girlfriends had been saying to her, "Truly guys and girls can't be best friends, one or both would fall for each other". Danielle had been trying to downplay this for too long, but Lucas' awkwardness was getting to her and after much deliberate ignorance, she decided to confront him.....(H)

"Lucas, remember one of the first conversations we had, when I had just broken up with Mark and I was spilling my heart out to you and crying so bad".

Lucas answered with a grunt, still not phased, Danielle continued.

"Well, I told you about how I appreciated your friendship so much and the fact that you were there to give me a shoulder to cry on, and I asked you to promise me that nothing would come between us", "Right now, that's exactly what is happening and it hurts, I miss my friend, you never listen to me anymore, I feel like I cannot tell you certain things because I do not want to hurt you".

Lucas opened his mouth to protest but then thought against it, he knew she was right, He was in love with his best friend and this love was killing their friendship. (BBB)

"Umm, hello Lucas...are you still there???" Danielle checked the screen of her blackberry
Lucas cleared his throat, "Yea, I'm here" He responded flatly.

"What's up with that yo! Every time I come to you with my man issues, you get quiet on me." Danielle rolled her eyes.

No response.


"Danielle, my bad I'm watching TV. Can I call you back please?"

"Aren't we meeting up for lunch in a few?"

"Oh yeah, about that let's reschedule."

Danielle hung up the phone without thinking twice. Lucas had been acting strange for the past couple of weeks, and she couldn't figure out why!
She shrugged and figured he was on his "man period" , so she'd give him some space. At this point of her life, she certainly could not afford to
loose such a good friend.

She sighed and walked angrily to her car. Her plans for the rest of day were now out of whack. She hated being alone, but oh well ice cream and movies would do the trick!(FabBlessings)

*        *            *         *         *       *         *       *

The next day, her phone rings ... "grin grin"  "hello, it's Lucas"(Abi)
Danielle was unsure if to question him about yesterday after-all he was acting up the previous day. She shrugs the thought of and replied.

D: Hi bud watsup?

Lucas: Well nothing much.What's the excitement and when did you start calling me bud?

D: Uhmm I'm glad to hear from you but is everything okay?

L: Well yea just thought I check up on you..

D: *thinking to herself* bud is our usual nickname.. oh well

L: *thinking to himself*, I wonder if she is thinking what I am thinking (Unveilinggold)

Danielle wasn't used to awkward pauses in their conversations. She and Lucas could talk for hours and now they couldn't even get through 2 minutes of conversation.

"Lucas, you've been different and acting funny. What's going on?" She asked.

"Danielle, I don't know how to tell you this"

"What is it Lucas? You can tell me anything. I'm your best friend"

"Ok Bud, I'm sick. I have cancer" (Madame Sting)

D: CANCER??????? tufiakwa, olorun ma je....

L: Pardon me?

D: Oh the thing is, I remember you made this joke on April 1st

L: Well, I dont know how to say what I want to say..Maybe I should just spill it. (Unveilinggold)

"You see bud, it was never a joke, I chose to say it on that day because I only heard it the night before. Also I had not fully grasped it yet and I thought a laugh or two about it would help. I had not fully digested the news as at then. You remember by the end of that saturday when you called and asked when I would say the words "April fools day" to you"?

Now Danielle heard the seriousness in his voice, at this point she hoped for a joke to be the next line as she replied with a shaky voice, "Yes I remember"

"Well I never said so, I never did because it wasnt a prank. But I chose to laugh it off with you when I heard your voice and hoped the doctor's report would all go away by the next morning. Well it did not. Its been two months since then and still the same report"

Danielle breathed fast as tears rolled down her eyes on the other side of the phone and replied "I am coming over, I'd be there in a few"

*click* She hung up.(Giagerry)

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