Zen Magazine June 2011

Can we really be in June Already? How time flies! We have reached the 6th month of the year yet it feels like we are still back in May rocking the May look. June is a fabulous month for so many reasons, from album launches, to spotlights on fashion brands, but do you know what stands out among all this amazing news? Who graces our June cover! Collet Collins is a 24 year old model whose dream presently is to win the Miss Earth 2011 contest in the UK. She is also an aspiring Director/Producer/Writer and combines her passion for entertainment with her studies. Collet is partly Latin American & Sierra Leonean by birth which I must say is a sexy mix of heritage. Get to know more about Collet later in the issue. African beauty is all around us, across the oceans & beyond the tallest borders. Be African not by the color of your skin but by the belief in your heart!

Photography By Dominic Thurmer