Abaseria filipino native restaurant and shop.

Most people dine out to eat delicious food and taste dishes which are unfamiliar to them. Some people go to restaurants because of the ambiance of the place. A lot of restaurants have their own way of creating ambiance which would fit the kind of cuisine they serve.There are a few restaurants who manage to create an ambiance which stands out among others

Abaseria creates an ambiance unlike what we commonly see on other restaurants. It manages to incorporate a store for native small item accessories and processed food into their restaurant without ruining the ambiance of the interior. The motif for the restaurant is native Filipino and most of the furnishings used and accessories are clearly native. The ambient lighting used are warm colors coming from the pendant lights and lamps and creates a warm welcoming feeling to the restaurant.

Service was very good and we were immediately entertained by the waitress as soon as we entered the restaurant. Even though the place was almost full they still managed to get our order and serve it quickly. Most of the dishes found on their menu are named differently but are most likely found on other filipino restaurants such as Chikaan or Golden Cowrie. Prices are a bit more expensive compared to the mentioned restaurant and serving sizes are a bit smaller

We ordered the Chili Adobong Talong, Garlic Prawns and Crispy Roasted Pork.

Crispy Roasted Pork (P320.00 Half order) was exactly what its name described. It was basically a pork roasted until it became crispy. Although not all parts of the dishes were crispy there were some parts which were pretty much crispy. The taste was a bit bland for me, maybe I am just used to the usual Filipino dishes where the flavors are very strong. This is different from the lechon kawali wherein they deep fry the pork. Presentation was simple and straight forward wherein they chopped the pork and served it with a small plate of vinegar sauce on the side.

Chili Adobong Talong (P175.00) is just egg plant with their sauce. I was expecting this to be a bit hotter, although I really couldn't taste any chili on this dish I enjoyed this dish since I like eggplant.

Garlic Prawns (P295.00) to me was the best dish we ordered that night. The dish consisted with deep fried prawns covered with flour and covered with melted butter and fried garlic sauce. The prawns used in this dish are not the same used on the prawns of Japanese tempura. It is a bit smaller but was cooked perfectly. I especially liked the butter and garlic sauce which complemented the deep fried prawns.

Abaseria has a wide variety of dishes on their menu. Some are reasonably priced and some are a bit expensive. They also serve snacks which I browsed on their menu and are very affordable. I am not sure if the serving sizes of their snacks are adequate. I will try and visit the place again and try their other dishes.

Abaseria is located on President Quirino Street which is the street along Sarrossa Hotel. Once you enter President Quirino Street just go straight ahead until you reach a wall ahead. The restaurant is located on the corner of the dead end.

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