The Ranch, a huge sumptuous meal

Ever since I passed by that large woody cutout in front of the ranch, I have always wondered what their food tasted like. I became curious on their exotic food since they also offered ostrich in their menu. Every time I pass by their parking lot it is usually full.

Last week I finally had the chance to dine there. Even though the place is a walk away from the office I never  tried dining there. After we entered the place I noticed that the place looks different during the evening. The place had better ambiance during the evening.

We decided to dine outside since the weather was cool. After the waiter presented us with their menu I asked her if their serving sizes were big, her reply was that each order is just adequate for one person. After hearing her advice we decided to order a meal each and an appetizer.

For our appetizer we ordered their fish finger. It is basically deep fried fish fillet coated with bread crumbs. I am not familiar with the fish they used for this dish but the fish was cooked pretty well and the coating was crispy. I was surprised to see the serving size for their fish fingers since it occupied most of the plate. After consuming most of the fish fingers I already felt my stomach starting to get full.
Fish Fingers - P 180.00

For our main course we ordered the large pork steak and lemon chicken. I was shocked when the waiter placed the large pork steak on the table. I didn't expect that their large pork steak was actually huge. It was bigger than my hand. and was quiet thick. Don't be fooled by the photo since the plate they used was also big hence the appearance of a smaller pork steak in the picture. As for the taste, I really liked the taste of their steak and the steak was cooked thoroughly since I didn't noticed any raw part in the middle of the thick slab of steak. I also enjoyed the mashed potato and side dish.
Large Pork Steak - P 290.00
Serving size for their lemon chicken was also huge. I don't know how they manage to get a huge piece of chicken fillet but it was also as huge as the large pork steak that I ordered. The chicken was thoroughly cooked and crispy coating was also crunchy. One thing that I wasn't really that fond of is the amount of sauce they placed on top of the chicken. It was just too much for my taste buds and I think I would prefer to separate the sauce from the chicken next time. Overall I still think that the chicken tasted good.
Lemon Chicken - P 260.00
I think that The Ranch is a great place to dine when you want to eat tasty food with large serving sizes. If you take into consideration their serving size I think that their prices are very reasonable. Asides from the dishes we ordered they also have some high grade steak and large selection of other dishes on their menu. I think the only way for me to finish one order of their dishes is if when I am really hungry. We ended up taking out a third of what we ordered since we weren't able to finish everything. If you don't have a big appetite it would be probably best to share your order with someone. I will definitely be dining back their soon.

The ranch is located at Gov. Cuenco Ave. Banilad, Cebu City. If you are coming from the city it is located on the right side of the road beside holy family village just in front of the Skywalk and across Barangay Banilad Sports Complex.