Tandoori a feast of Persian Kebab

Last weekend I had a chance to try out some restaurants on my own. Most of the time when I dine out with someone I usually only have a limited choice of restaurants to choose from since they aren't too fond of cuisines that they aren't familiar with.

So I decided to try out Persian cuisine at Tandoori Park Mall. Even though I have already tried Persian dishes at Persian Palate I haven't tried dining there at Tandoori. I have often passed by that placed and wondered what other Persian dishes they had in their menu, so I browsed through their menu and saw that the prices were within my budget.hehehe

They had a wide array of dishes and after skimming through the menu I was a bit confused on what to order. There were a lot of unfamiliar dishes in the menu so I decided to order their specialty which is there Kebab dishes. I ordered their Chello Kebab Special.

Chello Kebab Special - P185.00
The Chello Kebab dish consists of two big beef kebabs topped with a slice of butter and two whole barbecued tomatoes. The only difference with the Regular Chello Kebab and the special is the rice. The special is served with tomato rice. I didn't notice a huge different between the regular rice and special rice. Maybe it is because I focused my taste buds on the flavors of the kebab and the barbecued tomatoes.

Compared to the kebabs on Persian Palate the Tandoori kebabs are bigger in serving size and much tastier. The whole plate was almost filled with rice and they also provided me with two sauces which I had no idea on how to apply it on my food.hehehe I wasn't sure which sauce was for which so I decided to try both sauces on the kebab and the tomatoes and was pleased with the taste.

The service was good and fast. Unlike my previous experience on Persian Palate which took around an hour to serve our food, it didn't take them a long time to serve my dinner. It only took them around 5-10 mins to serve my order.  My only issue with the restaurant was their indoor restaurant which was scorching hot, maybe there aircon malfunctioned during my visit.

Although their kebab meal are a bit more expensive compared to other alternative restaurants at park mall, I think it is worth spending extra for their dishes. Their dishes have a distinct kind of taste which you can only find on Persian cuisine. I would recommend this restaurant to people who are fond of food which doesn't have a strong sweet or salty taste which are found on filipino and chinese cuisine or for people who want to explore different types of cuisines.