Last week me and my colleagues at work decided to tryout this restaurant near our office. Although I have already dined there once , I only tried there dessert and coffee on my fist visit. This time I intended to order their meals or snacks.

After reviewing their menu, we decided to go order their sandwiches. I ordered The Army Navy club sandwich. My colleagues ordered the Bacon and Mushroom Cheese, Humba Saucers and Cheese Cake delight. After our orders were served I was so busy taking photos of their sandwiches that I forgot to picture my sandwich. It's a good thing they have their own facebook page

The Army Navy P190.00

The army navy sandwich is a club sandwich with a twist. It has all of the ingredients found in a club sandwich but it is topped with melted cheese. Since I love cheese I found it to be very delicious but I had a hard time eating it without making a mess since the cheese is everywhere.

Bacon and Mushroom Cheese

Humba Saucers

Cheese Cake Delight

Service was ok and serving time was decent. There were only a few customers that time, I am not sure if it is the same if the place is full. Prices range from P100 - P350 on their sandwiches and main course dishes. For me the prices for some of their dishes are a bit pricey, but since this is not a fast food chain I think that the prices are acceptable. Ambiance of the place is similar to most cafes where you can find a sofa set and some dining tables.

I believe that the specialty of this restaurant is their cakes and pastries. I've only tasted two of their cakes and so far I haven't been disappointed. One thing I noticed on most of their dishes is that they take their time on making their dishes presentable and pleasing to the customer. Fudge definitely has their own taste and specialty.

Fudge is located at AS Fortuna St. across Jovens Grill and beside BPI.