Bob Marlin a Reggae Dining Experience

Ever wondered what it would be like to dine at a reggae restaurant? Well you no longer have to imagine it. Bob Marlin, a reggae inspired restaurant opened a new branch at the park mall. The whole theme of the place revolves around reggae and the famous singer Bob Marley, from the sounds to the and ambiance of the place. 

While skimming through their menu I noticed that there were a lot of Filipino dishes in it. At first I was not sure if we had a lot of similar dishes with Jamaican cuisine but once I saw those uniquely Filipino dishes I knew that their menu wasn't Jamaican. Initially I was expecting an all Jamaican menu but it seemed that the only thing Jamaican or Rasta about this restaurant was the ambiance and appearance of the restaurant.

Since this was the first time I dined at Bob Marlin I wanted to try their specialty dish, and based on the name of their restaurant my guess is that they specialize in marlin dishes. We also ordered the beach bilao which consisted of java rice,lumpia, pork and laing.

When we visited the place it was already almost eight in the evening. We were already famished and at that point I really didn't want to wait too long for our food to be served. It was a good thing that their kitchen was quick in preparing our food. Our order was served within 10-15minutes.

The first dish they served was the Beach Bilao. The huge serving size of this dish surprised me. It was enough to feed 3-4 persons. It had around 10 lumpia, a chopped fried pork and a generous serving of laing. The rice in the center of the plate to my estimate was around 4-5 cups.

Beach Bilao - P309.00

The first thing I consumed was the lumpia an I noticed that their lumpia had a distinct pinoy flavor. It wasn't anything close to the chinese lumpia or shanghai roll found in many Chinese restaurants. Although its basic ingredient is still pork it lacked the other ingredients found on other lumpia.

The pork on the other hand was basicly deep fried and then chopped. The laing was also more or less the same as the other laings on other filipino restaurants.

Although the flavor of the dish wasn't special, I liked how they presented the dish. They placed the rice on the center and surrounded it with the lumpia, pork and laing. Even though there was nothing extra ordinray with their manner of presentation I still find it appetizing to look at.

Marlin Slab - P119.00

The next dish they served was the marlin slab. The marlin slab was served on a sizzling plate smothered with their gravy like sauce and topped with chopped fried garlic. The first thing I notice with this is that they didn't even consider placing anything to enhance the presentation of the dish. There was no garnish or sidings to make the dish more appealing to the eyes.

Although I was a bit surprised on how plain the dish was, it really didn't bother me that much. The most important thing in a dish is its flavor. After taking a bite of the marlin slab I realized that their marlin slab didn't have a unique flavor. It was just like any marlin steak found at other restaurants. Although the thick sauce and deep fried garlic was a plus I would still pick the first dish over this.

I have to say that my first visit to Bob Marlin was a good experience. I enjoyed the Beach Bilao more than the marlin slab. At the end of the day I went out having a full stomach and had a satisfying dinner. The staff was also great and our requests were immediately accommodated. Since I had a good experience at bob marlin, I will visit that place again and explore the other dishes on their menu. Bob Marlin is located at the ground floor of Park Mall.