Mandarin Tea House

Sundays has always been a family day for me. After church, we usually dine out at the usual restaurants in the mall. Last Sunday my dad wanted to try a different restaurant that we never tried. We strolled around the mall and passed by Mandarin Tea House. Although the restaurant has been operating for a while now we never tried dining there.
Curry Fish - P130.00

Upon entering the establishment the staff were very accommodating. They brought us to our table and showed us their menu. As I was browsing their menu I noticed that most of their dishes are common on Chinese restaurants. I tried looking for dishes that I haven't tried yet and found the curry fish. My parents and brother ordered the usual Chinese dishes.

The first thing I noticed after they served the food was most of their dishes were served with little presentation but in adequate serving sizes. Most of the dishes they served were good for 2-3 persons. Below are the dishes we ordered.
Century Egg - P26.00
The century egg has always been a regular appetizer of my dad. He usually orders this together with the cold cuts. Unlike the cold cuts from Majestic, the century egg at Mandarin Tea house doesn't offer much in its presentation. What it lacks in presentation though, it makes up for its price. It is a very affordable appetizer and for me it really doesn't matter on how they present it since the taste will always be the same.
Crispy Spring Roll - P52.00
One of  the common dish we regularly order at any Chinese restaurant is the Spring roll or Lumpia. I wasn't expecting much on this dish to tell you honestly, but once I tasted their spring roll I was surprised with its taste. I really liked the balance of the meat and other ingredients on their spring roll. I wasn't able to really look at all the ingredients since I was too busy munching on most of it.hehehe I will definitely order this on my next visit.

Quail Egg Siomai - P54.00
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling - P65.00
The Quail Egg Siomai and Steamed Shrimp Dumpling was a different story. I really don't know what went wrong or maybe I was just used to the juicy steamed siomai that are found on most Chinese restaurants here in cebu. I was surprised on how dry their siomai and dumplings were. Maybe they forgot to steam them or something, I'll never know until I'll order this again. I really didn't enjoy these dishes since I had high expectations on these dishes.

Lomi - P120.00

Yang Chow Fried Rice - P150.00
Lemon Chicken - P165.00
We had mixed opinion on the Lemon Chicken. My mom was ok with it, My dad didn't like it and I on the other hand kinda liked it. One thing that made their lemon chicken stand out among other lemon chickens out there was the strong lemony flavor. It had a slight sweet taste and a strong lemon flavor in it which would sometimes over power the taste of the chicken. Even though it wasn't my favorite dish among everything we ordered, I still managed to chow down on a number of pieces.
Beef with Broccoli - P185.00
The beef with broccoli was the only dish where we all agreed that it was okay. There was nothing special to it, we ordered this dish since it was something we were all familiar with and we all liked to eat.

As for the dish that I ordered, the curry fish. It was served last and I was almost done eating when they served it. I really don't know if curry is a common on Chinese dish but I ordered it since I wanted to try it out. The only problem was that I was too full to really appreciate the dish. Maybe I'll order it the next time I visit the place.

Overall the dishes we ordered were different from the other Chinese restaurants here in Cebu. Another thing I noticed is the lack or unnoticeable amount of MSG  on their dishes, which to me is a good thing. The prices are very reasonable and the serving sizes are adequate. Ambiance is a like any typical commercial restaurant and the service is great. If you want to try a different taste of Chinese cuisine this would be another alternative.  I will definitely go back there and since their dishes aren't that expensive their is no harm in trying their other dishes. Mandarin Tea House is located at the second floor of SM City Cebu.