Cadi Shack Diner

Last week I was in the mood for exploring new restaurant within the city. My plan was to drive around mabolo until I pass by any interesting restaurants that I haven't tried. When I arrived at mabolo I was stuck at justr traffic just in front of Sarrosa Hotel. While traffic was moving slowly I noticed a sign at the corner of T. Brezlin Street. The name of their restaurant "Cadi Shack Diner" caught my attention. My first guess was that it was probably a diner for caddies, when I arrived at the place I was surprised to see that their restaurant was centered around this classic Cadillac. This was actually a diner that featured a vintage Cadillac.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the diner was its unique design. More than a third of the area was occupied by the vintage Cadillac. Even though a huge area was used for the Cadillac, the place was still well designed. The layout of their tables and chairs was enough to comfortably accommodate around 30-40 persons. The displayed Cadillac was definitely added to the ambiance of the place, in fact I took more shots of the Cadillac then shots of their food. Prices of their dishes ranged from P100-P200 and their menu offered a broad range of dishes.

Since this was the first time we dined their I asked the waitress what dish she would recommend to us. Her recommendation to us was their pork steak and their new dish the beef nacho. So we ordered their Beef Nacho, Pork Steak and the Fish w/ Tomato & Onions.

Beef Nachos - P140.00
We had beef nachos for our appetizer. I liked that they spent effort on the presentation of this dish but what made it great was the toppings. It was full of beef cheese, letuce, tomatoes and other ingredients. The toppings were more than enough for the nachos they placed in the dish. Serving size was enough for two persons for appetizers and I liked the taste of the nacho with the toppings.

Fish with Tomato and Onions - P210
The fish dish that we ordered was ok, I think they used Tangigue for this dish. Serving size was ample for one person and the tomato and onions added to the presentation of the dish. I'll try to order the other fish dish that the waitress suggested the next time I'll dine their.

Pork Steak - P210
The last dish we ordered was the Pork Steak. The pork slab was huge and was cooked perfectly. The steak was juicy and the gravy enhanced the flavor of the pork. The steak was so big that after finishing it I didn't have any room for desserts anymore.

My first visit at the Cadi Shack Diner was definitely a good one. Asides from the good food, the place was quiet and the ambiance was great. The service was also great since our food was served within a reasonable time. I also like that our food was prepared properly and was not hurriedly done like most busy restaurants. I would definitely recommend Cadi Shack Diner if you are planing to go out on a quiet date or hang out with your friends. This is definitely another hidden diner worth exploring.

Cadi Shack Diner is located at Pres Laurel St. If you are coming from Paseo it is the next corner on the right from Sarrosa Hotel, the corner where GE home is located.