Carlito's Way Diner

A couple of weeks ago I visited their new restaurant at the Persimmon. I was impressed with their new restaurant since there was a huge improvement from the previous one. The ambiance of the new restaurant is definitely better than the previous one. Their service was very good and I've noticed some changes on their menu. Another thing that I noticed is that they changed their name from Carlito's Way Steakhouse to Carlito's Way Diner.
As far as I could remember their old menu wasn't as wide arrayed as their current one. I am not sure since my last visit on their old restaurant was a couple of years back already. The additional dishes on their menu is another great improvement on their service.

As for their food I ordered the Carlito's Way Steak and man was I surprised. The last time I ordered this dish I noticed that they didn't place any effort on the presentation of this dish. I was surprised to see that their price actually became lower compared to their price a few years back. Even though they lowered their price a bit they introduced a lot of improvements on the dish.
Unlike the previous dish they added a pumpkin soup to my steak and some steamed vegetable sidings, this really improved the presentation of the dish. The serving size for this dish was more than enough for me. I got to hand it to the owner for making this minor tweaking on the dish. I already enjoyed their steaks and it is a good thing that they made it better. Not only is it tasty, it has also become very pleasing to the eye.
Carlito's Way Steak - P190.00
My friends ordered the Teriyaki Beef Belly and the Teriyaki Pork Belly. They really liked the taste of their dishes, their only complain was the pork belly had a lot of fats in it. I personally think that both dishes were okay. I also liked how they managed to create their own version of the Teriyaki dishes.
Teriyaki Beef Belly - P160.00

Teriyaki Pork Belly - P120.00
This is actually an update from my previous post of Carlito's Way Steakhouse. The new Carlito's Way Diner is definitely better than the old one. The new improvements had only made dining there more enjoyable. You can experience great service, good ambiance, tasty food and affordable prices at Carlito's Way Diner. I will definitely be dining their regularly. Thumbs up to the improvements.