A Huge Slab of K. Ribs

Last week I asked the people from istorya for suggestions on hidden restaurants within the city of Cebu. I found a few interesting places which intrigued me. One particular place caught my attention since I have been passing by this place numerous times. I always wondered why the place is usually full of people every time I passed by.

Last Friday I finally decided to dine there and try their dishes. First thing you will notice about the place is its simplicity. It is a no nonsense diner with a ample choices of dishes.  They also serve alcohol and have a beer tower.
Unlimited Iced Tea - P30.00
I browsed through their menu and ordered their fish fillet dish, shrimp, garlic mushroom and their specialty their ribs. After the waiter got out order he told us that their fish fillet and shrimp wasn't available. So I ordered their kinupusan and pork belly instead. The waiter informed me that their kinupusan was actually a small serving size and wasn't the same as the one in the picture. I was surprised that he even mentioned that to me. I told him that it was ok and that I will still order the dish.

Garlic Mushroom - P45.00

After 10-15 min our food was served. The first dish they served was the kinupusan. After what the waiter told me I was expecting their serving size to be small, I was surprised to see that it was just the right portion size. Although there was totally no presentation on the dish I wasn't expecting it to be pleasing to the eyes since it had a low price. The dish was exactly what they advertised which is crispy pork fat. My only remark on this dish is that it was served cold.
Kinupusan - P75.00

A couple of minutes after serving the kinupusan they served the rest of the dishes. I think the belly was ok, there was nothing extra ordinary with it. It was just like any pork belly from other grill restaurants. The garlic mushroom was more or less like a side dish and was also exactly as advertised. What really caught my interest was their ribs. When they placed they dish on the table man was I not disappointed. The ribs was huge and while I was taking pictures at it, the anticipation only made my mouth water.
Pork Belly - P95.00

After I took the photos I finally tasted the ribs. I really liked the sauce of the ribs. It was also thoroughly cooked and did I mention it was huge. For the price you can't go wrong with their ribs. Although I noticed that their ribs wasn't like the ribs from other restaurant wherein the meat is easily separated from the ribs. The meat on their ribs is pretty much attached to the bones. This is actually not a huge problem especially if you chew on the bones of the ribs like I do.hehehe
K Ribs Special - P135.00

If ever you'll decide to dine at K Ribs I suggest you go try their ribs. I can't offer any advice on their other dishes since there wasn't any available when I went there. As for the kinupusan and pork belly I would suggest the kinupusan for pulotan when you decide to drink and dine there. The low price and good service coupled with the huge serving made my first visit there a good one. I recommend you dine at K Ribs if ever your craving for ribs at an affordable price.

Total bill paid for a belly full of ribs is P430.00

K Ribs is located at Banawa at R. Duterte Street.