Yayoy's Grill and Resto Bar

Cebu has a huge array of grill restaurants. Most of these grills are found at the heart of the city. Popular grills such as AAs BBQ and Cheaverz have numerous branches around the city. A couple of day ago I wanted to try a different grill and decided to dine at Yayoy's.

Unlike other resto grill, Yayoy's has a lot to offer asides from good food and great ambiance. They regularly have live bands playing while you dine or have drinks with your friends. They also have an area allocated for people who would like to play darts.

The service was quiet good when I visited there. The waiter entertained us right away and there was ample space for us to get a table immediately. The food was also served fast,  around 10-15 minutes. As for their menu, they had a wide array of dishes to choose from. The prices of their dishes were very reasonable and  had large serving sizes. Below are the dishes we ordered.

Pinakbet - I usually order vegetables whenever I dine out. This is actually my attempt to live a healthier lifestyle. The serving size is good for two and the taste if similar to most pinakbets found at most filipino restaurants.

Pork Belly - This dish is what I usually order when I dine at any resto grill. The pork was cooked well and the pork was still juicy when they served it. Serving size was enough for two persons.

Baked Scallops - Their scallops was tasty but there wasn't anything extraordinary with it. It was similar to other restaurants offering this dish.

Sinigang Tangigue - I think this dish is very subjective. I know not everyone likes the taste of sour soup like sinigang. I on the other hand enjoy the taste of sinigang. This dish has a strong sour taste in it and that is totally okay with me since that is why I like this dish. Serving size is good for 2-3persons.

Although I haven't tried their specialty I was very satisfied with my dining experience their. Our food was served fast and the waiters were very alert in taking and serving our orders. The price is also affordable and serving sizes are adequate. I would definitely be dining here again since this is a great alternative resto grill within the city.

Yayoy's is located at Orchid Street Capitol Site.