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A couple of weeks ago I was exploring new dining spots in the city. After my last food exploration at Cadi Shack Diner,  I happened to pass by this intriguing restaurant at the same area. So last week I decided to go back and visit Anya's place and see what they had to offer.

When I arrived at Anya's Place I was surprised to see that we were the only ones there, maybe it was because it was during the week days. My initial impression was it was a bar and probably didn't have good food. The tables and chair in front and the videoke room only strengthened my initial impression.

Upon entering the establishment the waiter entertained us immediately and showed us the menu. Unlike the exterior, the interior had a different atmosphere. The fabric covered walls, wood flooring and wood furniture gave the interior a homey feel to it. The place had its own unique ambiance, although I wouldn't compare it to the interior of other expensive restaurant, for its price range the ambiance of the place is good.

Since this was my first visit to this restaurant, I usually look for unusual dishes from their menu. The first thing I noticed was the pork chop with lemon butter sauce. The dish sounded unique and I was curious what the dish looked like since it sounded different. Most of the other dishes on their menu were common to other Filipino restaurants, so I asked the waiter for his recommendation. He recommended us the mixed vegetables with seafood and since we were in the mood for sea foods we also ordered the fish fillet. The food was served within a reasonable time of 15-20min. I wasn't expecting our food to be served immediately since this isn't a fast food restaurant.

The first dish that was served was the mixed vegetable with seafood. Basic ingredients are cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, corn, onion, shrimp, and squid. I loved that they didn't hold back on the sea foods in this dish. I'm not familiar with the sauce but I liked the taste of this dish. The ingredients were fresh and the serving size was good for two persons.
Mixed Vegetables with Seafood - P120.00

The second dish that was served was the fish fillet. I think the fish they used for this dish was cream dory. Anyway the fish was covered with flour and deep fried. The fish was properly cooked and I liked the sauce that came with the dish. Serving size was also good for two persons.
Fish Fillet - P125.00
The last dish that was served was the pork chop with lemon butter sauce. Since the name sounded different I was expecting a unique looking dish with some sort of presentation. I was surprised to see that the dish they served was grilled pork belly with a sauce on the side. At first I thought the waiter might have served us the wrong dish. I asked him what that dish was and he confirmed that this was the grilled pork chop with lemon butter sauce. Among the dishes we ordered I think this one was a bit pricey. This was basically grilled pork belly with a lemon butter sauce placed on a saucer. Serving size was good for two and presentation was basically chopped pork belly with some small garnish and coupled with the lemon butter sauce. One thing I liked about this dish is the sauce. There wasn't anything special with grilled pork alone, but dipping it to the lemon butter sauce gave it a different flavor. I guess this was the reason why they didn't add too much flavor on the pork.
Grilled Pork Chop with Lemon Butter Sauce - P185.00

Overall I had a nice experience dining there. There food had big serving sizes and the price was actually affordable. The place was good and the staff was accommodating. A couple of days after my visit there I brought my friends there since I wanted to try their videoke room. Although we didn't dined there I brought my friends there cause had a good experience there and I wanted to try their other dishes. The videoke room was also the another reason why I came back.hehehe

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Anya's place is located at #39B President Roxas street corner Congressman Noel Street Villa Aurora VKasambagan, 6000 Cebu City. You can also visit their facebook page at