Maki Feast at Red Kimono

Japanese food has always been one of my favorite cuisine. Ever since my dad introduced me to sushi, sashimi, maki, and wasabi I regularly crave for these dishes. Although I haven't made a lot of posts about Japanese restaurants here I often crave for Japanese food whenever I am at the mall. When I passed by the ad at Red Kimono last Sunday I noticed a poster that stated 40% off for Metrobank card users. Upon seeing the sign I immediately told my brother that we will treat our parents to some Japanese food.

The catch to the promo is that it will only be valid if our bill will reach at least P3,000. At first I thought that it would be easy to reach that amount since I knew that Japanese restaurants are pricey. The only challenge that time was that there was only four of us that time. My brother ordered the usual dishes and I ordered the Maki sampler and Yakisoba noodles. After the waiter repeated our orders I was confident that our bill would definitely reach P3,000. Below are the dishes that we ordered.

Beef Tepanyaki - P385.00

I may be biased when it comes to Japanese food but to me I think that their food was great. Among all the dishes we ordered I especially liked the Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura and all the Maki.hehehe I liked how they managed to make the Maki Sampler looked presentable. One thing I really like about the maki or sushi dishes is that these dishes are very pleasing to the eyes. The chef who prepare these foods always place some effort on making the dishes presentable. It is one thing to eat tasty food and its a whole another experience to see and taste delicious and presentable dishes.

Chicken Teriyaki - P225.00

As for the Teriyaki and Tepanyaki dishes, all three were cooked perfectly. The beef was tender and was served with bean sprouts. The Prawn tepanyaki was also delicious, too bad they only had five  prawns on this dish. The Chicken teriyaki was perfect, I really liked that they just used the right amount of teriyaki sauce in it and the chicken was very juicy.

Prawn Tepanyaki - P325.00

Tempura - P295.00

The Tempura and Yakisoba were great. Since I love tempura, I am a bit discriminating on the flavor on this dish. So far I only have positive experiences with their tempura. The prawns used on their tempura was just the right size and they didn't used to much flour and bread crumbs to disguise the size of their tempura. I wouldn't say this is the best tempura that I have eaten, but to me it is one of the tasty tempura that I have tried.

California Crunch - P215.00

Service on this place was typical for most Japanese restaurant. For the cooked dishes it only took around 15-20 minutes for them to serve our food. Even though the restaurant was full in both occasions that we dined there last week, they still managed to serve most of our food within a reasonable time. The raw dishes on the other hand took them awhile to serve. On both occasions that we dined there last week the Maki sampler was the last dish to be served. I really didn't mind the delay since I knew that those dishes took time to prepare.

Maki Sampler - P595.00

The ambiance of the place was ok, it was presentable and wasn't noisy. The only issue I encountered there is that their air-conditioning system wasn't functioning properly. Price is typical for Japanese restaurants which is a bit high, it was a good thing though that they had the promo and we ended up with a very minimal bill for the dishes that we ordered. Since we enjoyed dining there last Sunday my dad decided to treat my cousin from Surigao to dinner there the following day. I definitely recommend that you avail the promo from Metrobank since it is only upto December 15. It is definitely worth dining there with or without the promo. Total bill paid was P1809 which is 60% of P3015. Red Kimono is located at the second floor of Ayala Terraces.