Simply J's simply fantastic dining experience

Ever since I read a review about Simply J's from Babe for Food, I have been trying to find find ways to dine there. On our first attempt we weren't able to locate the place, so we ended up dining at Charcoal grill since we were already famished. We eventually found the Simply J's while heading home and thus my second attempt was a week after. I was with a couple of friends and when we arrived there only to find out that the place was already full. There was only one vacant table for two and we were a group of seven, so we decided to dine at Cul-de-sac instead. My third attempt was last night. Finally! After three attempt I got the chance to dine there!hehehe

First thing you'll notice about Simply J's is the ambiance. The chandelier, wooden furniture, paintings, picket fence and  large fixed windows add to its uniqueness. The use of warm lighting from the chandeliers and lamps create a perfect ambiance for a restaurant. Since warm lighting enhances the how you perceive your food this is definitely important in a restaurant.

The service there was great. Even though they were still full, the waiter immediately entertained us, presented us with the menu and got our order. One thing noticeable on there menu was the absence of photos of their various dishes. Although they provided a good description of the dishes they offered, it would have been great if they placed some photos of their best sellers in order for their customers to be visually stimulated with the choices of food they offered. The photo on the menu would have been great since their dishes were very pleasing to the eyes.

While I was taking some test shots to compensate for the warm lighting of the interior, the waiter suddenly arrive and served our first dish. I was surprised on how fast they were able to prepare our orders. The first dish they served was the Taco salad.
Taco Salad - P150.00

Based on the description on their menu, the ingredients for their Taco Salad are Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, seasoned ground beef, topped with taco chips, whole kernel corn, cheese and taco dressing. Serving size for this dish was good for two persons.

When I dine out with my family we usually order salad for starters and so far this has got to be one of the biggest serving size for salads I've seen. Another positive thing about this dish is that they also didn't hold back on the ingredients. Asides from the fresh lettuce, there was an abundance of ground beef, taco and other ingredients. Despite the myriad of ingredients, the amount mixed for each ingredient was well balanced.

Another thing I liked about their Taco Salad was the effort they made to make this dish presentable. The salad looked good and it didn't looked liked it was hurriedly done. The taste was certainly unique to me since I have never tried having tacos on my salad. I'm not sure what type of sauce they used, what mattered to me was that it perfectly complemented the salad.
Taco Salad - P150.00

A couple of minutes later they served the main entree which were the Hungarian Sausage and Grilled Chicken with Citrus Marinade. Both dishes were well prepared and each dish has their own side dish. The Hungarian Sausage had a salad side dish which was basically lettuce, tomato and cucumber.
Hungarian Sausage - P120.00

The second main course dish was the Grilled Chicken in Citrus. This dish surprised me since they served it with two quarter cuts. When I ordered this dish I wasn't expecting that the serving size was half a chicken. It was served with rice and a side dish of steamed vegetables. I liked the presentation of this dish and looking at while taking photos at it only  me made me hungrier. So I hurriedly took some shots and then proceeded on chowing down this dish.

I liked how the citrus marinade enhanced the flavor of the grilled chicken. The chicken was properly grilled and I didn't notice any blood or raw part on the inside. It was tender and juicy although there were some minor parts that looked charred it was understandable since this was a grilled dish. The Grilled Chicken in Citrus Marinade was my favorite dish of the night.
Grilled Chicken in Citrus Marinade - P180.00

After consuming the Grilled Chicken in Citrus Marinade we decided to give their desserts a try and ordered the Banoffee. The presentation of the Banofee was excellent. They took the time to make the dish appealing to the eye, which is a hint on what this dish tasted like. The main ingredients for this dessert is molded graham crust glazed with caramel sauce; topped with fresh bananas and cream. The different textures for this dessert made this dessert very interesting. I liked that it wasn't too sweet and how the different flavors of the ingredients harmonize with each other.
Banoffee - P80.00

Before my first visit to this restaurant I was expecting this place to be a secluded quiet place. I thought that this was a new restaurant that still needs to be discovered by the public. After my three attempts to visit Simply J's, I realized that a lot of people are already familiar with this restaurant. I think people have noticed this establishment for its reasonable price, good service, ambiance and most importantly their tasty food. For those who haven't tried dining at Simply J's it is located at Apitong St. cor N. Escario, 6014 Cebu City. It is beside Diamond Suites and Across Grand Cenia.

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