Sunday Trip to Baguio

Last Sunday, I went to Baguio to accompany my brother who is studying there. They held a seminar regarding their pre-board review. The admin of the school thought it would be better if parents or guardians are there too. 

And yes, that's why I woke up very early that morning because the seminar is at 8 am. And I was there very early too. I waited for my brother for an hour only to find out he's still asleep that's why he's not answering my calls. So I was demanded to go to their school by myself. Then off I go, rode a taxi cab.

This orange flower which hanging on a tree caught my eye while waiting. So I took a photo of it several others too.

And my brother arrived just before the seminar started. Too bad, I forgot to take photo of us. :)

 The seminar ended at exactly 12 noon.